Danny Peacock May 18, 2020

Well for those that haven’t fallen in love with the Belarusian Vysshaya Liga we can finally say that some sort of ‘football is back’ thanks to those pesky Germans and Die Bundesliga. I had not felt so much joy and anticipation on a Saturday in weeks… Firstly, the successful application to finally end the 3pm […]

Danny Peacock May 14, 2020

The first major football league to snap out of the covid lockdown is the German Bundesliga which returns to action this weekend (all be it played out in empty stadiums and behind closed doors for safety measures) after initially cutting halt to the campaign following the 25th round of matches which were played all the […]

Danny Peacock May 11, 2020

I’ve got a new team. Why? Because football comes up with the strangest coincidences and before you know it there’s an everlasting affinity that you’ll one day take with you to your grave. That’s why. To clear the record I’ll always be a red, I’ll always be Forest through and through, you can never take […]

Danny Peacock May 5, 2020

Little over a month ago I said in this article that football must be resolved by one way or another but as the authorities meet up to decide what happens next… I am really starting to see only one fair outcome and that is to end it all right now. If you asked me at […]

Danny Peacock April 30, 2020

It’s the first major sporting tournament I really remember… I was a little too young in 86 to properly appreciate football and by the time I got my Panini sticker book I actually thought England were world champions… After all we must have been? Right? So the confusion when flicking through the centre pull out […]

Danny Peacock April 17, 2020

Funny how life works… Only a couple of months ago I was saying how much I’ve fell out of love with the game, VAR ruining it, Liverpool ruining it, money this, money that, I could no longer be bothered to watch the next ‘big match’ through my overpriced Sky subscription.. End it now!!! I don’t […]

Danny Peacock April 6, 2020

Premier League footballers came under scrutiny last week as the Secretary of State Matt Hancock suggested that ‘perhaps’ top flight footballers in England should give up their wages to allow the clubs that they play for to pay ‘other’ lower salaried staff not able to work during the ban on sports caused by the outbreak […]

Danny Peacock March 29, 2020

Under the grand scheme of things football seems meaningless right now. We have been told rightly by the government to do what we can to survive in this life of ours and to protect others against us. To do that we must stay at home, distance ourselves, forget about work, forget about fun, we’ll all […]

Danny Peacock March 12, 2020

So holders Liverpool went crashing out of the European Champions League last night against those anti-football party poopers from the red & white side of Madrid. Purists, Scousers, A-licence waving coaches and soccer pundits from as far as Manchester were despising the horrific time wasting, defensive display in the format of both BT Sports and […]

Danny Peacock March 5, 2020

Firstly nobody can say that ‘not all’ players, clubs and fans don’t care about the FA Cup and those that do take it serious (like Norwich and Tottenham Hotspur did last night) will always be regarded highly by football lovers across the country (like me) for doing so. I wanted to start on Tottenham Hotspur’s […]

Danny Peacock February 27, 2020

I was in a bar in Berlin showing Sky Sport on a Friday afternoon and the barman listening to heavy metal, skin headed dressed in black and covered in tattoos who I just presumed ‘did not like football’ said to me.. “I don’t like English football”.. As I sipped my stein, I found myself nervously […]

Danny Peacock February 19, 2020

I buy and sell fantasy football shares through Football Index which has earned me a few grand over the last three years… The key is spotting talent before anyone else knows about it but the issue is as ‘traders’ on the platform we are all thinking the same… Take Erling Braut Haaland, son of Forest, […]

Danny Peacock February 18, 2020

I’ve not written as much as usual on here… Probably because I’ve not watched as many games as I used to this year. I’m simply fed up with modern elite football. I can no longer watch the game I love with any enjoyment. In 2020 alone we’ve had VAR continuing to ruin football matches at […]

Danny Peacock January 29, 2020

“Just when I thought I’ve seen it all” said Nahki Wells after Bet365 tweeted in jest the coincidence of Burnley recalling their on loan striker from QPR as news broke out that Barcelona are looking for a temporary replacement goalscoring centre forward for the injured Luis Suarez. Obviously we’ve contacted the relevant parties (ie the […]

Danny Peacock January 27, 2020

Liverpool are yet to win the FA Cup at the new Wembley. 14 years ago was their last success overcoming West Ham United via a shootout in a memorable final at the Millennium Stadium which ended 3-3. That day Steven Gerrard cemented himself further still in Liverpool folklore. That’s what the FA Cup does. It […]

Danny Peacock January 14, 2020

At the ripe old age of 61 and having managed Real Betis to thirteenth in La Liga this season following a tenth placed finish last year, It’s simply ‘Felicidades’ to Enrique Setien Solar who has won the Spanish Lottery after been announced the new Barcelona Boss as the Cantabrian replaces the sacked Ernesto Valverde who despite sitting top of […]

Danny Peacock January 3, 2020

One thing is assured in football and that is fans always believe that the era they grew up in saw the best years of the beautiful game. My dad did it, “you would have got away with that ten years ago” he would say as football in the late eighties became soft compared to the […]

Danny Peacock December 16, 2019

Ok call me old fashioned but I’ve never really been one for technology in football although I do remember watching a Confederation Cup game some many years ago, I think between Italy or Brazil and USA when a player handled the ball on the goal line and although the Referee didn’t initially award a penalty […]

Danny Peacock December 3, 2019

So Spurs triggering the gun to fire Poch and replace him with Mourinho for instantly improved results two weeks ago has finally kicked the market into it’s annual festive domino as first Arsenal sack Emery then Watford sack Quique Sanchez Flores whilst the jobs of Marco Silva, Ralph Hassenhuttl, Manuel Pellegrini and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer […]

Danny Peacock November 20, 2019

As the football season settles the only thing I’ve really had to moan about until now has been VAR which is too ridiculously and frequently inconsistent to start ranting about every weekend so I’ve refrained to jump on the bandwagon of those either for or against as I’ve lost all patience with a) the tool […]