Danny Peacock February 19, 2019

So a couple of weeks ago Chelsea lost 4-0 at Bournemouth and after bouncing back against lowly Huddersfield a week later they were trounced by Manchester City in what was the clubs heaviest defeat since 1991 (which I still fondly remember like it was yesterday because I was there).

Things in the following days got mildly better as a select XI beat Malmo in the Europa League round of whatever.. But Manchester United in the FA Cup last night would put more misery on the clubs inconsistent form of late. According to the Chelsea fans only one man is to blame, according to the Media only one man and the player he signed in the summer is to blame.

Maurizio Sarri, the dinosaur who makes predictable substitutions and has no plan B… The ‘IN’ thing at the moment is to criticise Sarriball and his dedication to using Jorghino as his CDM, even though he has the best in the world at it in Ngolo Kante playing further forward. The revolutionary system early season was exciting, new, fresh, and clearly working until the 19th game of the campaign where they were unbeaten until facing Spurs at Wembley. Since that day of my birthday on the 24th November 2018 they have lost a further 7 matches in three months after not losing any (other than a semi-unimportant Community Shield match) for the first three months of Sarri’s regime.

What has gone wrong? All of a sudden the players don’t respect him, he can’t get the best out of his team, the opposition have clued up to his antics, is it surely that time where we get behind the waggon and start pushing for Sarri’s exit? After all, football these days needs its instant fix… Don’t let him solve these issues in house, get rid, off with the head, we don’t have time for the next generation… After all Chelsea have not had more than one player come through its ranks for 21 years. We don’t have time for the next John Terry… We don’t want to build an empire like Manchester United did under Sir Alex Ferguson.. We just want to win, make money and look good doing it… There’s no science to it… Here, Zinedine Zidane… I’ve got a chequebook for you… Come and live at this plush pad in Kensington for 6 months and it’s all yours.

Problem solved.

It’s ironic that the very same ‘dinosaur’ that Sarri is being labelled with was the one that is Chelsea’s most successful ever coach Jose Mourinho. We all heard what happened to him, he went to Manchester United, spent a lot, won a few things, upset people, things went stale, upset a few more people and in the end he had to go.

Even more ironic is that the most respected and successful coach of a generation was replaced by simply, an ex-United player, a likeable lad, one that has had barely very little education in top level management other than winning the Norwegian league twice with Molde and getting Cardiff City relegated from the EPL.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was alarmingly wielded as the saviour of Manchester United and in the opening weeks of his tenure (not dis-similar to Sarri) has won 11 of his 13 matches in charge setting a club record in the process.

Now calls are for Ole to be given the permanent role of Manchester United Manager and I for one, surprised by his initial appointment feels that he deserves it… But what after six months or a year in charge? What after the honeymoon period is over? What after the Premier League get to grips with Solskjaerbal?

Will it be three losses and your’e out which is the way of the world these days? Or will United see patience, as long as he’s not ‘lost the dressing room’ I’m sure he’ll be ok… But maybe it’s only time before that happens as bad results always mean that don’t they?

For Solskjaer, the heart beat of United and new Viking of the Stretford End he will continue to blossom until things go wrong… Liverpool on Sunday maybe a freebie, but already the telescopes are out for potential banana skins. I just hope that he doesn’t endure the same treatment that Sarri, Mourinho, Wenger, Conte, now Emery & Marco Silva have had to endure everytime their sides get beat.

For Sarri, a first class ticket to Naples awaits probably two days after Manchester City beat them on Sunday in the League Cup final. His Chelsea reign looks certainly over, and on with the next they’ll go….

About as predictable as one of his substitutions perhaps??

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