Hi, thanks for visiting my website dedicated to all things soccer. I’m Daniel Peacock.

Born in Nottingham in 1978 I have played & coached football from an early age across various levels locally from Notts Alliance and Senior League to Northern Premier League at step seven of the football pyramid.

Not just a huge grass roots participant I have also travelled the world to see some of the best teams play and have supported my team Nottingham Forest and my country England who I always watch when and where I can.

As well as coaching, playing & watching I have enjoyed writing on the sport and first started working freelance for a Scottish fanzine called Own Goals in the 1990’s.

After working on a number of football websites I have enjoyed regular work published across the web and in print and on TV from well known journals news outlets and publications from the local Evening Post to the National News on ITV and recently launched The Nottingham Sport website covering the county over various formats from top level professional to amateur and grass roots.

I decided to create this website to voice my opinion to as little or as many that care to read it with the hope that you get a good insight to the thoughts of someone who (hopefully) knows the game from a number of perspectives.

I hope you enjoy the website and if you want to get in touch please email me here or fill out the contact form below and i’ll get in touch with my response.



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