Asian Cup Finals

The AFC Asian Cup was formed in 1956 two years after the Asia Football Confederation was formed. The first competition finals were held in Hong Kong with four teams (South Korea, Israel, South Vietnam & Hong Kong) participating in a league format won by South Korea after an earlier qualification process included 19 participants. Today the competition includes 16 finalists from across the continent with teams qualifying to reach the finals every four years.

AFC Asian Cup Finals

1956 South Korea *won on league basis

1960 South Korea *won on league basis

1964 Israel *won on league basis

1968 Iran *won on league basis

1972 Iran 2-1 South Korea (Bangkok) aet

1976 Iran 1-0 Kuwait (Tehran)

1980 Kuwait 3-0 South Korea (Kuwait City)

1984 Saudi Arabia 2-0 China (Singapore)

1988 Saudi Arabia 0-0 South Korea (Doha) 4-3 on pens aet

1992 Japan 1-0 Saudi Arabia (Hiroshima)

1996 Saudi Arabia 0-0 United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) 4-2 on pens aet

2000 Japan 1-0 Saudi Arabia (Beirut)

2004 Japan 3-1 China (Beijing)

2007 Iraq 1-0 Saudi Arabia (Jakarta)

2011 Japan 1-0 Australia (Doha) aet

2015 Australia 2-1 South Korea (Sydney) aet

2019 Qatar 3-1 Japan (Abu Dhabi)

Most wins: 4 Japan, 3 Iran, 3 Saudi Arabia, 2 South Korea, 1 Australia, 1 Iraq, 1 Israel, 1 Kuwait, 1 Qatar.

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