Danny Peacock January 11, 2023

So my lack of writing on here in recent months has coincided with a new scouting role (you can now keep tabs on my moans and groans more frequently at which has meant travelling up and down the country to some of football’s lesser known venues, as well as a few old favourites which […]

Danny Peacock December 9, 2022

A couple of days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, I read the outcry from some of the news outlets and ‘mostly’ Twitter, including that of pundits and journalists, ex-players and z list celebs, forced by their bosses and spurred by their huge salaries, to be on the plane to Doha, a […]

Danny Peacock October 15, 2021

There’s a fabulous documentary on Amazon Prime at the minute, a couple of years old, which has some incredible unseen fly-on-the-wall footage of Argentina legend Diego Armando Maradona, arguably the greatest footballer who ever lived, during his time at Napoli, and it’s certainly shed a light to me, looking back, not just at how inspiring […]

Danny Peacock October 6, 2021

I was privileged to be at Anfield at the weekend to see two of the best Coaches in the game go head to head, in Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool, the Premier League has two incredible stand out characters that can deservedly claim to be the world’s best in their position, […]

Danny Peacock September 22, 2021

When asked about a bi-annual World Cup, Paul Merson of all those spoke with most reason for me, saying simply enough, “you can remember the winners of the 1986 World Cup, but you will struggle harder to remember the winners of the 1986 European Cup” a competition diluted in quality and distinction over the years […]

Danny Peacock July 20, 2021

From getting off the train to going home from the game, the final of Euro 2020 might not always be remembered fondly, or for the right reasons, but as days go, the excitement, the anticipation, the atmosphere, the joy of Shaw’s early goal before the disappointment of Saka’s penalty miss, it will go down memorably […]

Danny Peacock July 20, 2021

It wasn’t meant to be for us with red and white painted faces… But UEFA 2020 or 2021, was a huge success from its year long delayed start from the moment it wonderfully echoed the sounds of Pavarotti and Nessun Dorma (from the Giacomo Puccini opera Turandot of course), played to spine tingling effect by […]

Danny Peacock April 26, 2021

I remember my first like yesterday, the 1987 Littlewoods League Cup Final as a Champagne Charlie Nicholas double helped overcome the mighty Liverpool and an early Ian Rush goal in front of 96,000 at Wembley. Arsenal included such names as Steve Williams, Martin Hayes and the late great David Rocastle. Liverpool with Barry Venison, Nigel […]

Danny Peacock April 21, 2021

72 hours of chaos after an announcement on Sunday afternoon that rocked the game into disrepute and football by Tuesday night is back as ‘the peoples game’ again, much loved, all those involved doing the wright thing, in the words of an Arsenal goalscoring legend in his catchy mid-nineties one hit wonder. I was asked […]

Danny Peacock April 19, 2021

Imagine it’s 2051 and City of Manchesters United play Liverpool Red Toffees in the first North West derby in ten years after the two franchises have been separated, kept-apart in the European Super League group stages and not fortunate enough to reach a final of a competition long dominated by Real Spain and Barcelona Catalans. […]

Danny Peacock March 19, 2021

You might notice I’ve been quiet on here in recent months. Not really having my say on much that goes off, simply because I can’t be bothered. Football since March 2020 has not been the same, but we all still expect the same results, despite professional players playing more now in a shorter space of […]

Danny Peacock October 15, 2020

Last night was certainly a dark night for English football… But not because England were beaten by Denmark at our famous old stadium for only the second ever time, but because nobody was there, nobody really cared, many people perhaps didn’t even know the match was being played. I’m used to my midweek social feeds […]

Danny Peacock September 7, 2020

So the new season is almost upon us. I’m not so sure if I’m even that excited by it all. Fake fans will no doubt scream through our TV sets of kneeling down players whilst subs and coaches wear masks a million miles apart seated separately spaced out in otherwise empty stands. Martin Tyler telling […]

Danny Peacock August 26, 2020

As the worlds greatest footballer trudged down the tunnel of an empty stadium in Lisbon following the most devastating and humiliating defeat in Barcelona’s Champions League history against Bayern Munich, Lionel Messi must have thought to himself ‘this is it’. Having last won the competition in 2015, Barcelona have slowly fell to worse and worse […]

Danny Peacock August 24, 2020

Great teams and great players are great for one very great reason… They know how to win. For Bayern Munich they have been serial winners not just domestically, but in Europe too, especially since the days of Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller. PSG in many ways are the new kids on the block, dominant in […]

Danny Peacock August 17, 2020

In defence of any team that played in Europe last week, it is impossible to suggest that each could be at full strength, in full pelt and at their best because football, just hasn’t been football since March 2020. Atletico Madrid for example last played on 19th July in La Liga before playing their single […]

Danny Peacock July 22, 2020

During the war, as Uncle Albert once said, Football took a back stage to rather more important events and was regionalised into a smaller competition because it was not deemed safe enough to carry on as ‘normal’. During covid-19, football originally took its hit, was told to cease and immediately was deemed ‘not important’ nor […]

Danny Peacock July 17, 2020

I wanted to stop myself writing negatively today as it seems I have a vendetta against the FA, VAR, UEFA, FIFA & IFAB as I often think I can run all those organisations ‘better’ from my kitchen and on my laptop than the whole of the numptys put in charge throughout… That of course is […]

Danny Peacock July 14, 2020

Monday 13th June 2020 saw the best and worst of football as Arab owned billionaire super club Manchester City took on UEFA and won to cast a darkened cloud over the sport whilst little known Wycombe Wanderers of League One did their best to redeem some sunlight back on the game of soccer in winning […]

Danny Peacock July 8, 2020

As I write this at 3:13pm on a Wednesday afternoon, Millwall are hosting Middlesbrough in the Championship right now in a match not on TV and not available for fans to go and see. Seems pretty pointless to me? But that’s what football has become. The Premier League will be all wiped up come the […]