Premier League

Danny Peacock September 23, 2020

Dark times right now for people in Britain facing another six months of misery, poverty, uncertainty, virus and death… And whilst the Premier League kicks on and continues regardless due to the huge financial incentives made through global TV the other less fortunate echelons of English football are set to suffer even more than before. […]

Danny Peacock September 7, 2020

So the new season is almost upon us. I’m not so sure if I’m even that excited by it all. Fake fans will no doubt scream through our TV sets of kneeling down players whilst subs and coaches wear masks a million miles apart seated separately spaced out in otherwise empty stands. Martin Tyler telling […]

Danny Peacock July 22, 2020

During the war, as Uncle Albert once said, Football took a back stage to rather more important events and was regionalised into a smaller competition because it was not deemed safe enough to carry on as ‘normal’. During covid-19, football originally took its hit, was told to cease and immediately was deemed ‘not important’ nor […]

Danny Peacock July 17, 2020

I wanted to stop myself writing negatively today as it seems I have a vendetta against the FA, VAR, UEFA, FIFA & IFAB as I often think I can run all those organisations ‘better’ from my kitchen and on my laptop than the whole of the numptys put in charge throughout… That of course is […]

Danny Peacock July 8, 2020

As I write this at 3:13pm on a Wednesday afternoon, Millwall are hosting Middlesbrough in the Championship right now in a match not on TV and not available for fans to go and see. Seems pretty pointless to me? But that’s what football has become. The Premier League will be all wiped up come the […]

Danny Peacock June 26, 2020

So after more than three months of debating ‘how the Premier League season should end’ little more than a week after its restart… And the whole thing has bloody finished already. Liverpool crowned champions and deserved too, the formality that followed the delayed precession took just eight days from the comeback of football in England […]

Danny Peacock June 18, 2020

We can finally say it… The waiting is over, the discussions have all been discussed, safety now into play, resumption resumed, it’s time to play some ball… Yes football is back (on our TV screens at least). Those watching for the first-time last night as the Premier League once again hit our subscription packages may […]

Danny Peacock May 5, 2020

Little over a month ago I said in this article that football must be resolved by one way or another but as the authorities meet up to decide what happens next… I am really starting to see only one fair outcome and that is to end it all right now. If you asked me at […]

Danny Peacock April 6, 2020

Premier League footballers came under scrutiny last week as the Secretary of State Matt Hancock suggested that ‘perhaps’ top flight footballers in England should give up their wages to allow the clubs that they play for to pay ‘other’ lower salaried staff not able to work during the ban on sports caused by the outbreak […]

Danny Peacock March 29, 2020

Under the grand scheme of things football seems meaningless right now. We have been told rightly by the government to do what we can to survive in this life of ours and to protect others against us. To do that we must stay at home, distance ourselves, forget about work, forget about fun, we’ll all […]

Danny Peacock February 18, 2020

I’ve not written as much as usual on here… Probably because I’ve not watched as many games as I used to this year. I’m simply fed up with modern elite football. I can no longer watch the game I love with any enjoyment. In 2020 alone we’ve had VAR continuing to ruin football matches at […]

Danny Peacock January 3, 2020

One thing is assured in football and that is fans always believe that the era they grew up in saw the best years of the beautiful game. My dad did it, “you would have got away with that ten years ago” he would say as football in the late eighties became soft compared to the […]

Danny Peacock December 16, 2019

Ok call me old fashioned but I’ve never really been one for technology in football although I do remember watching a Confederation Cup game some many years ago, I think between Italy or Brazil and USA when a player handled the ball on the goal line and although the Referee didn’t initially award a penalty […]

Danny Peacock December 3, 2019

So Spurs triggering the gun to fire Poch and replace him with Mourinho for instantly improved results two weeks ago has finally kicked the market into it’s annual festive domino as first Arsenal sack Emery then Watford sack Quique Sanchez Flores whilst the jobs of Marco Silva, Ralph Hassenhuttl, Manuel Pellegrini and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer […]

Danny Peacock November 20, 2019

As the football season settles the only thing I’ve really had to moan about until now has been VAR which is too ridiculously and frequently inconsistent to start ranting about every weekend so I’ve refrained to jump on the bandwagon of those either for or against as I’ve lost all patience with a) the tool […]

Danny Peacock October 17, 2019

Tomorrow night Cardiff City play host to Sheffield Wednesday in the Football League Championship. Those from Yorkshire that want to support their team will have to drive more than a 400 mile round trip (minimum 6 ½ hours) to watch their team play. There are no direct trains. In fact, if those die-hard supporters do […]

Danny Peacock October 2, 2019

Last nights deflating humiliation at the hands of Bayern Munich is perhaps the icing on the cake for those sceptics that have seen it coming now for so long. A 7-2 record home defeat in the Champions League for a team that only four months ago played their first ever final in the continents biggest, […]

Danny Peacock September 23, 2019

A year and a week ago Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United were beaten 3-1 by Manuel Pellegrini’s West Ham United at the London Stadium in a game that would see the Red Devils drop to eighth in the Premier League on ten points (eight behind leaders Liverpool) thus equalling their worst ever start to a Premier […]

Danny Peacock September 17, 2019

It seems all the rage. Ever since Pep Guardiola started playing tiki taka with Barcelona thanks to having three of the greatest footballers of a generation in his team (ie Messi, Xavi & Iniesta) everybody now thinks “we can all do that”. But proof might suggest otherwise as we saw after 30 seconds in England’s […]

Danny Peacock August 20, 2019

Many years before top level Association Football was screened regularly to global television audiences this most basic of ball kicking sports was played between two teams of 11 v 11 with the simple aim to outscore your opponent with the team who scores the most declared the winner of the match. Sport with little rules […]