Copa America Finals

With the growing popularity of football across South America in the early 1900’s a league tournament was arranged to celebrate the centennial independence of Argentina in 1916 with Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and the hosts participating in what was named the Campeonato Sudamericano de Football. Following the success of the competition CONMEBOL was then founded and the following year Uruguay would host the competition and thus began a regular occurrence of the oldest surviving international football tournament in the world. Since 1975 the competition re-branded officially as the Copa America under various formats with as many as sixteen countries often including guest nations from confederations outside of South America.

Campeonato Sudamericano Winners

1916 Uruguay *won on league basis

1917 Uruguay *won on league basis

1919 Brazil 1-0 Uruguay (Rio de Janeiro) aet playoff after league stage tied

1920 Uruguay *won on league basis

1921 Argentina *won on league basis

1922 Brazil 3-0 Paraguay (Rio de Janeiro) playoff after league stage tied

1923 Uruguay *won on league basis

1924 Uruguay *won on league basis

1925 Argentina *won on league basis

1926 Uruguay *won on league basis

1927 Argentina *won on league basis

1929 Argentina *won on league basis

1935 Uruguay *won on league basis

1937 Argentina *won on league basis

1939 Peru *won on league basis

1941 Argentina *won on league basis

1942 Uruguay *won on league basis

1945 Argentina *won on league basis

1946 Argentina *won on league basis

1947 Argentina *won on league basis

1949 Brazil 7-0 Paraguay (Rio de Janeiro) playoff after league staged tied

1953 Paraguay 3-2 Brazil (Lima) playoff after league stage tied

1955 Argentina *won on league basis

1956 Uruguay *won on league basis

1957 Argentina *won on league basis

1959 Argentina *won on league basis

1959 Uruguay *won on league basis

1963 Bolivia *won on league basis

1965 Uruguay *won on league basis

Copa America Finals

1975 Peru 1-0 Colombia (Caracas) playoff after 0-1 (Bogota) & 2-0 (Lima)

1979 Paraguay 0-0 Chile (Buenos Aires) 3-1 on pens aet & playoff after 3-0 (Asuncion) & 0-1 (Santiago)

1983 Uruguay 2-0 Brazil (Montevideo) 1-1 (Salvador) 2-1 over 2 legs

1987 Uruguay 1-0 Chile (Buenos Aires)

1989 Brazil *won on league basis

1991 Argentina *won on league basis

1993 Argentina 2-1 Mexico (Guayaquil)

1995 Uruguay 1-1 Brazil (Montevideo) 5-3 on pens aet

1997 Brazil 3-1 Bolivia (La Paz)

1999 Brazil 3-0 Uruguay (Asuncion)

2001 Colombia 1-0 Mexico (Bogota)

2004 Brazil 2-2 Argentina (Lima) 4-2 on pens aet

2007 Brazil 3-0 Argentina (Maracaibo)

2011 Uruguay 3-0 Paraguay (Buenos Aires)

2015 Chile 0-0 Argentina (Santiago) 4-1 on pens aet

2016 Chile 0-0 Argentina (New Jersey) 4-2 on pens aet

2019 Brazil 3-1 Peru (Rio de Janeiro)

Most wins: 15 Uruguay, 14 Argentina, 9 Brazil, 2 Chile, 2 Paraguay, 1 Bolivia, 1 Colombia.

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