European Championship Finals

The French Football Federation’s Secretary-General Henri Delaunay first expressed his desire for a European Football Championships in 1927 but it wasn’t until three years after his death in 1958 that UEFA would sanction it. Originally called the European Nations Cup, the Euros tournament finals have been played every four years since 1960 and although the original competition only featured four finalists, there were 17 teams that originally entered at the qualifying stage. Since the debut competition in France (featuring the hosts and Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and winners Soviet Union) of two semi-finals, a third place playoff and final today the tournament has grew to all 55 UEFA member nations with the finals now featuring 24 nations from across the continent.

UEFA Euros Finals

1960 Soviet Union 2-1 Yugoslavia (Paris) aet

1964 Spain 2-1 Soviet Union (Madrid)

1968 Italy 2-0 Yugoslavia (Rome) replay after 1-1 (Rome)

1972 West Germany 3-0 Soviet Union (Brussels)

1976 Czechoslovakia 2-2 West Germany (Belgrade) 5-3 on pens aet

1980 West Germany 2-1 Belgium (Rome)

1984 France 2-0 Spain (Paris)

1988 Netherlands 2-0 Soviet Union (Munich)

1992 Denmark 2-0 Germany (Gothenburg)

1996 Germany 2-1 Czech Republic (London) sudden death aet

2000 France 2-1 Italy (Rotterdam) sudden death aet

2004 Greece 1-0 Portugal (Lisbon)

2008 Spain 1-0 Germany (Vienna)

2012 Spain 4-0 Italy (Kiev)

2016 Portugal 1-0 France (Paris) aet

2020 Italy 1-1 England (London) 3-2 on pens aet

Most wins: 3 Germany (inc 2 as West Germany), 3 Spain, 2 France, 2 Italy, 1 Czechoslovakia, 1 Denmark, 1 Greece, 1 Netherlands, 1 Portugal.

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