Danny Peacock February 19, 2020

I buy and sell fantasy football shares through Football Index which has earned me a few grand over the last three years… The key is spotting talent before anyone else knows about it but the issue is as ‘traders’ on the platform we are all thinking the same…

Take Erling Braut Haaland, son of Forest, Leeds and Man City midfielder Alf Inge who’s probably known better for non-fans of those clubs for ‘that’ tackle on him by Roy Keane? Less than 12 months ago Alf’s Son Erling was playing for Molde back in Norway as a 17-year-old in only his second season where he would score 16 goals in 30 games… Whispers started to come out about him being the next OGS?… “I know that name” I thought…

He signed for Red Bull Salzburg a team who I watched have a cracking run in reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League in 2018. You don’t get to the semi-finals of a major European competition without having good players.. Salzburg and the Red Bull franchise are basically designed to head hunt the next best young talent from across Europe to play for their franchise with through the roof sell on fees the ultimate goal. A Football Index trader would do well to follow their ethos.

A fee was paid in the summer of around £7m to Molde as Haaland was brought in for Israeli striker Munas Dabbur who left Salzburg for Sevilla in a £15m+ fee. Aged 18 an unknown quantity but with fine pedigree Haaland hit the ground running in Austria and by this Christmas had scored 28 goals in 22 appearances! Frightening statistics.

To give you an idea of how well thought of Haaland was by this time… In September, on Football Index his price was at £3.10 per share (£310 if you want to buy 100)…By the time December came he was £4.70 a share (£470 per 100 which would have made you £160 profit in three months if you invested in Sep and sold in Dec)…. Compare that to someone like Robert Lewandowski a seasoned pro who like Haaland regularly scores goals but is towards the other end of his career. You would notice that the big Pole in September cost just £1.70 to an upward movement to £2.20 in December.. A profit of 0.50 in three months is good, but rather small compared to Haaland’s price hike at £1.60… ‘Doing the math’ you’ll see how well traders were backing their man even before people here knew who he was…

So by the time (ie in just seven games and eleven goals) Haaland moved to Borussia Dortmund and became an overnight instant cult hit with the Yellow Submarine, the Leeds born Norwegian’s Football Index price is now £6 per share.

Imagine buying in at £3.10 in September and making £2.90 profit per share on that return??? Imagine owning 100 shares, even 1,000 shares in Haaland and you’ll soon see how you can make money by spotting talent at the earliest opportunity.

Anyway enough about Football Index, now back to this sublime young player.

In his short time at the Westfalenstadion, Haaland has first entered the field as sub in his debut v Augsburg 1-3 down to score a hat-trick and win Dortmund the game…He has come on as sub in his second game to score two goals against Koln and scored another brace against Union Berlin before netting v Werder Bremen.

Haaland did prove he’s human by blanking in his first full 90 minutes for Borussia verses Bayer Leverkusen but returned to scoring action on Friday night in a 4-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt… All this before upstaging Mbappe & Neymar last night with two goals as BvB beat PSG in the Champions League, he was already the first player in the history of the Champions League to score six goals in his first three games and he’s the first player ever to score five goals in his first two Bundesliga games now the first teenager to score ten UCL goals in a season and oh yes, he’s the only player ever to score NINE (9) yes NINE goals in a game during the FIFA U20 World Cup. Quite some pedigree and let’s not forget… The boy is 19!

Left foot (mainly), right foot, headers, he’s 6ft3 quick as you like powerful with a venomous shot you’ll be hard to find a bigger and better boy his age going back over the last fifty years in football and already the ‘super clubs’ are hovering like vultures with their blank open paged cheque books in hand.

Haaland made Salzburg (or Red Bull to be precise) a quick £10m for less than 6 months work… He made Molde £7m which is HUGE money in Norwegian football.. He will now probably make Borussia Dortmund more than £100m on top of their initial investment for him.

Football Index talent spotting might be fun for me… But spotting talent at the elite level is a whole new ball game indeed when it comes to the sums involved when finding someone as frighteningly good as Haaland.

Will he ever be better than his dad???? He already is!!!

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