Danny Peacock June 26, 2020

So after more than three months of debating ‘how the Premier League season should end’ little more than a week after its restart… And the whole thing has bloody finished already.

Liverpool crowned champions and deserved too, the formality that followed the delayed precession took just eight days from the comeback of football in England and the EPL’s much anticipated new ‘safety first’ beginning.

In some ways bringing back football during lockdown seemed a bad idea? With Liverpool ‘so close’ to a first title in 30 years there was always going to be celebrations outside Anfield. Some people just don’t understand (or care about) restriction. But after 30 years of waiting who would blame those wanting to venture out onto the terraced streets of Liverpool and bask in glory that many wouldn’t have even seen before. Certainly not those sunning it on Bournemouth beach I suspect?

For Liverpool this title win is as big as any and we must remember that for a super club of huge magnitude, a six time European Champion, known throughout the world as one of the best on the planet, that this is actually their first EVER Premier League title win.

Those old enough will remember the days of Hunt, St John, Shankly… Those younger might compare the side of today with the days of Kennedy, McDermott, Paisley, I will instead liken them to the team of Barnes, Beardsley and Dalglish…One that dominated in a way that attacked the opposition until the opposition finally surrendered and crumbled.

In recent memory however, I can count on one hand the number of years when Liverpool have come close to winning the Premier League. A ‘cup team’ during the BSKYB era they flirted in second below champions Arsenal in 2002 under Gerard Houllier without ever offering too much of a serious threat. In 2008/09 they were closer under Rafa Benitez just four points behind Manchester United the eventual winners. In 2014 Gerrard slipped as Brendan Rogers team were closer still, finishing just two points behind Manchester City, and in 2019 with a record breaking total for a second placed side. 97 points and just one defeat. It seemed that the Anfield outfit were simply destined for Premier League misery, the monkey still on the back and the league title curse still hovering over the heads of those now responsible for changing the clubs future.

But today, Friday 26th June 2020 the day after Chelsea, who in 2014 cost them the title, did them a favour by beating Manchester City to confirm the Anfield outfit’s first league title since 1989/90… The Red side of the Mersey are finally back to being the best in England with absolutely no argument up for debate.

Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic German has built on Rogers philosophy imposed on the team of 2013/14 and has bettered the style of any great Liverpool Coach that has gone before him. No doubt this Liverpool team play better football than any other Liverpool team in history. Next step is to win more trophies than any other Liverpool team in history if they are to go on and become the greatest of all time.

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