Danny Peacock July 22, 2020

During the war, as Uncle Albert once said, Football took a back stage to rather more important events and was regionalised into a smaller competition because it was not deemed safe enough to carry on as ‘normal’.

During covid-19, football originally took its hit, was told to cease and immediately was deemed ‘not important’ nor safe enough to continue as bigger things took place in this world.. But at the first ‘opportunity’ it could… Football came back.

Now I’m not saying it wasn’t long overdue. Three months without sport was pretty tough and the world was (and still is) a dark and gloomy place much worse for it… But football without the fans was always going to be something I would struggle to get my head around… I still can’t do it… I just don’t think it’s right.

As the season finally concludes without fans being able to attend matches, what really winds me up is talk of the new season already… Again without fans… Has life really come to this?

Initially ‘project football restart’ was designed to get the original 2019/20 season finished, to ensure teams like Liverpool would get their deserved reward… I always said just ‘play it when it’s safe to do so’ but then I don’t take the billions of pounds that corporate sponsors put in to consideration… Because I don’t care about them.

Problem is football does care about its corporate sponsors and so much so, it now feels like they are a billion times more important than the fans.

Football will end the 2019/20 campaign without the fans, it now looks likely that it will start the 2020/21 campaign without the fans… Proof, that for football, fans do not matter no more.

I would have liked to have seen the whole of the 2019/20 campaign put back until it was safe to return, restarted only when fans could go back and watch their teams play… After all, millions have been spent on season tickets too… Many clubs have still not reimbursed for those not able to get to games they have paid for. That in itself is wrong.

Perhaps if football ‘needed’ to continue so badly it could have done so in a different way? A shortened Premier League Cup, in addition to those fixtures outstanding, played to give people the chance to watch soccer from their sofas, behind closed doors until football ‘proper’ was ready to return.

I never saw anything wrong with the 2019/20 season resuming in October or November, delayed until the fans could get back in Stadiums it would mean a shortened 2021 campaign but who cares? Because football should all be about the ‘end result’. Finishing something you’ve started is imperative to get that, whether it’s a long stretched out competition or a shortened format it doesn’t matter, we simply want to see who wins at the end of it. We want to see fans given the opportunity to celebrate that or commiserate together with their teams.

But instead, no celebrations of togetherness come the seasons end, no delay on when the next season might start at the safest opportunity to get the most value for money out of fans either. We now have two seasons that cross with empty-stadia, non-atmospheric, or over atmospheric if you watch on Sky & BT with the sad state of fake crowd noise ON to distort reality. Two seasons ruined by something all be it which could not be helped, but ruined more by the demand from corporate bullshit and the huge financial implications that come with it…

It’s really sad to say that football without fans is now the norm… Unimportant you mean nothing to your clubs, pushed aside to entertain billion dollar bills instead… Football without money however, is a different beast completely! And whilst £££ & $$$ dictates things… £££ & $$$ will also be forever the death of the game.

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