Danny Peacock July 8, 2020

As I write this at 3:13pm on a Wednesday afternoon, Millwall are hosting Middlesbrough in the Championship right now in a match not on TV and not available for fans to go and see. Seems pretty pointless to me? But that’s what football has become.

The Premier League will be all wiped up come the last week in July. The Championship will drag on until August with its playoffs, the National League too… The FA Cup semi-finals and final will be played at Wembley… In front of nobody, other than staff, a few ‘special’ corporate organisers and some white privileged commentators who will relay the tragic atmosphere of eery football stadiums back to our 60 inch screens (via enhanced computerised ‘fake’ noise courtesy of EA of course).

So what happens when it all ends?

Do we carry on as ‘new’ normal and start again with a season and no fans, to get the mega money in from Amazon, Sky, BT, BBC, ESPN, Al-Jazeera and god knows who else?

Or do we simply say…. ‘Hang on a minute’… ‘This shit can’t go on’.

I’ve actually enjoyed football’s restart… It’s at least given me something else other than slitting my wrists in waiting for days under lockdown to end and I’ve looked forward to certain games on the TV… but then I’ve also started to realise that ‘none of this really matters’.

Liverpool winning the league… It doesn’t matter…

Leeds going up…. It doesn’t matter…

Barnsley getting relegated…. It doesn’t matter….

Because nobody other than the players involved can enjoy it!

30 years of hurt for Liverpool… They celebrated at some spa retreat in the middle of nowhere with Jurgen Klopp dancing like a dad to Robin S and ‘show me love’… What an absolutely crap party it looked like too.

Should have been the best night ever for those boys and their wives, for the staff and the fans, rolling into days of sheer ‘milking it’ in front of a million plus scousers on Merseyside but no… I suppose at least they got a guard of honour off Manchester City at the empty Etihad…. Oh and a thumping that came with it too!

I said in March just give Liverpool the title and lets be done… cancel everything below them and forget it ever happened… or just wait until everybody is ready and play the game in front of fans until the seasons conclusion… Either scenario would have been better than this!

And what for next season? Well I couldn’t give a toss… We really can’t even consider it until fans are allowed in stadiums, because football without fans is just a game played on a park with mates… It has no meaning, no future, no cause for celebration or even commiseration… it’s just a dying species… like us… we are all dying… But stopping the world whilst we wait to die is surely not the answer? Football needs to resume with fans or we’ll all just be dead football fans with no meaning for celebrating our love for football… It might even be a pointless pastime, but if we can’t go see it, it’s not even a pastime. So why pass time even thinking about it?

41 minutes played Millwall nil, Middlesbrough nil… For anyone who cares!!!

I suspect you don’t.

Which is really the whole point!!!

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