Gold Cup Finals

The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) was created in 1961 after a merger between the North American Football Confederation and the CCCF (Confederacion Centroamericana y del Caribe de Futbol) who each had their own international championships for their member nations. The CONCACAF Championship first took place in 1963 between nine teams and was played every two years up until 1973 and every four years between 1977 & 1989 as a mini group competition with the winner of the final group crowned champions. In 1990 this competition was replaced by the Gold Cup which is played on average every couple of years (sometimes with guest nations) with a standard final tie to define the winner.

CONCACAF Championship winners

1963 Costa Rica *won on league basis

1965 Mexico *won on league basis

1967 Guatemala *won on league basis

1969 Costa Rica *won on league basis

1971 Mexico *won on league basis

1973 Haiti *won on league basis

1977 Mexico *won on league basis

1981 Honduras *won on league basis

1985 Canada *won on league basis

1989 Costa Rica *won on league basis

Gold Cup Finals

1991 USA 0-0 Honduras (Los Angeles) 4-3 on pens aet

1993 Mexico 4-0 USA (Mexico City)

1996 Mexico 2-0 Brazil (Los Angeles)

1998 Mexico 1-0 USA (Los Angeles)

2000 Canada 2-0 Colombia (Los Angeles)

2002 USA 2-0 Costa Rica (Los Angeles)

2003 Mexico 1-0 Brazil (Mexico City) sudden death aet

2005 USA 0-0 Panama (East Rutherford) 3-1 on pens aet

2007 USA 2-1 Mexico (Chicago)

2009 Mexico 5-0 USA (East Rutherford)

2011 Mexico 4-2 USA (Los Angeles)

2013 USA 1-0 Panama (Chicago)

2015 Mexico 3-1 Jamaica (Philadelphia)

2017 USA 2-1 Jamaica (Santa Clara)

2019 Mexico 1-0 USA (Chicago)

2021 USA 1-0 Mexico (Las Vegas) aet

Most wins: 11 Mexico, 7 USA, 3 Costa Rica, 2 Canada, 1 Guatemala, 1 Haiti, 1 Honduras.

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