My Playing Days In Pictures

Where it all started with Monty Hind back in 1992 pictured aged 13 and three quarters bottom right.

Young days in the changing room ahead of a Netherfield Albion match in 2003.

Playing for Netherfield Albion (centre) verses Burton Joyce back in 2005.

Making a tackle in the same game – something I loved to do.

Sunday league celebrations winning the league with Blacks Head in 2013 for a second time.

Sunday ritual celebrating in front of the pub was something we got used to.

Playing in a charity match at Grantham Town (bottom row centre) in 2013.

Me (left) with Paul Moxey at Real United in 2014.

Lining up with Real United Veterans (front row centre) back in 2015.

On the bench (right) with Rainworth Miners Welfare in 2016.

Lining up at Wembley (far right) to play at the famous stadium in 2019.

Retiring at the top – a goalless bore draw managed by two ex-England internationals in 2019.

It’s true what they say about the long walk up the steps after a tiring a game. My last trophy in football was not a bad one.