Quiz – Cryptic Football Teams No1

If you are a fan of soccer teasers and cryptic football clues that can be answered with a little thought, I have something just for you. I have compiled a cryptic quiz (in three parts) of major (and some minor) football teams from across the UK and the simple question to you is can you answer the questions from the strange sentences and definitions given? Part One has 50 questions below with every answer a UK football team from either the Premier League, Football League, Scottish, Irish, Welsh & Non-Leagues, likewise Part Two which can be found here is slightly tougher and once you’ve conquered the first couple of parts you can move on to Part Three which is here for you to enjoy.

Please note you will need to know about the clubs in UK football at all levels to be able to answer these questions.

All answers to the questions can be found at the foot of each page so please give yourself time to answer before you scroll down too far. Good luck.

Part One – Questions 1-50 below:

1 An organ for swimming

2 Regal playground and garden

3 Stringfellows administration combined

4 Woodland pastures as people go walking

5 Where the sun sets with meet before being joined together

6 Bobby & Jack physically strong and fit

7 Hot tub metropolitan

8 Found in Texas looking after parks

9 Matured smoked Olympian

10 Abraham’s Megalopolis

11 Set fire to grassland

12 University merged with a river crossing

13 Amalgamated by the sea in reverse

14 A type of wood opening a diamond pattern

15 Dig and cover

16 A shoe or a shirt merged

17 Z list celebrities are made here

18 Return On Capital with steps singer from the valley

19 Initials before university lecturers

20 The body of a ships municipality

21 A rocky peak by the marina together

22 Numerous harbours below and above the lips

23 Below a pork joint it’s heavy

24 A form of jazz and ship structure found in North Yorkshire

25 Hairpiece with a runner

26 Latin for king pig with not without at the front

27 Dodgy hair

28 Gang of the great

29 Always a unit of weight

30 Comedian Eric shares the name

31 Taming of more than one hiding in built up area

32 West Midlands capital

33 Maritime Speed in district

34 Angus

35 Upward chain of hotels in the centre of the neighbourhood

36 On the run with Bonnie

37 Locked in place walking aimlessly

38 A single booby metropolis

39 Female ruler below Watford Gap

40 American actor Pitt fronts Michigan motor company in large town

41 Military ammunition

42 Sussex District with pork banded together

43 Nice sofa

44 Murder mum but don’t press the door bell

45 London street next to small forest in large village

46 Massachusetts Alliance

47 Gloomy identifying between an S for settlement

48 Menswear in ancient Britain

49 The latest fortified wine region

50 East London District by the Express Train

Answers: 1 Liverpool, 2 Queens Park, 3 Peterborough United, 4 Forest Green Rovers, 5 West Ham United, 6 Charlton Athletic, 7 Bath City, 8 Rangers, 9 Oldham Athletic, 10 Lincoln City, 11 Burnley, 12 Cambridge United, 13 Manchester United, 14 Plymouth Argyle, 15 Bury, 16 Oxford United, 17 Chelsea, 18 Rochdale, 19 MK Dons, 20 Hull City, 21 Torquay United, 22 Portsmouth, 23 Southampton, 24 Solihull Moors, 25 Wigan Athletic, 26 Wrexham 27 Barnet, 28 Crewe Alexander, 29 Everton, 30 Morecambe, 31 Shrewsbury Town, 32 Birmingham City, 33 Notts County, 34 Aberdeen, 35 Northampton Town, 36 Clyde, 37 Bolton Wanderers, 38 Bristol City, 39 Queen of the South, 40 Bradford City, 41 Arsenal, 42 Rotherham United, 43 Chesterfield, 44 Kilmarnock, 45 Fleetwood Town, 46 Boston United, 47 Grimsby Town, 48 Burton Albion, 49 Newport County, 50 Leyton Orient.

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