Danny Peacock August 7, 2019

You might have heard about a relatively new betting platform that allows you to trade players for pounds and pence based on their matchday performances and headline grabbing (on and off the pitch) and you’ll be right in thinking prices go up and down based on largely those two very simple dynamics.

I have been trading now on Football Index for almost 2 years and in that time I have doubled my profit returns (of a few thousand) but I am not telling you this to show off, but instead telling you because as football fans who know the game it is every bit possible to make an awful lot of money just by buying and selling players at the right time.

So how does it work?

You buy as many (or as little) shares as you like in as many players as you like but you can only purchase (or sell) a maximum 300 shares from one player in one go. For example one share in Cristiano Ronaldo at today’s price costs £2.87… Should you require 50 shares in Ronaldo you will pay £143.50 and his price will rise and fall based on performance.

To give you an insight to how Ronaldo’s price has moved on the index in the past whilst at Real Madrid he was regularly worth £5 plus before moving to Juventus after the World Cup where his price fell to £3.10 per share. Upon Ronaldo’s league debut he slowly rose back in value over £4 per share following some good performances before being linked in a negative news court case (regarding an incident in Las Vegas) which with the odd dry run without a goal led his price to slip to at one stage as little as £2.14 per share. However, since the day that legal proceedings wouldn’t be taken against Ronaldo his price has again risen and ahead of the season where he’s expected to score goals again for Juventus he looks good value at £2.87. Basically if you brought at his lowest value in May you would now be sitting on 0.73p profit per share so on the basis you brought 50 Ronaldo shares at the end of last season at £2.14 each (a cost of £107) you would now be £36.50 richer if you cashed out today. Not that exciting you say? Let us look at a few alternative methods of investing in the Index and you’ll soon be persuaded.

More than one way to win

Ronaldo is probably a bad example because he is a footballer falling in value due to his age and Juventus potentially being his last club. When traders buy shares in footballers they look for at least one the following four things.

Capital Appreciation

This is the basic starting point of investing, buy low sell high is the route to success so traders like to get in first and buy players that others might not yet have heard of. Youngsters are at the forefront of this market, but you have to get in early as Football Index investors are always on the pulse. For example if you brought Jadon Sancho a year ago his share price prior to the season was 0.94p per share. Now the cost of one share in Jadon Sancho is £6.11 per share… Had you brought 50 Sancho shares at 0.94 (a total cost of £47) you would now be sitting on shares worth £305 which is a positive return on investment of £258.50 in 12 months. Now you start to see some impressive returns?

Media Buzz

Another attractive incentive to buy shares in players on Football Index is the daily media buzz which basically pays out on the player who’s hit the most headlines on that day. Whilst payments can range between a penny and five pence per share for investors holding x300 or x500 shares in one player for example this could pay out as much as £25 a day should you hold shares in a player who’s regularly in the news. As always the media market is saturated by headlines of Paul Pogba, Mo Salah, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, whoever the next biggest transfer target is or whoever scores the winner in the big match, it is a very predictable market and by owning predictable players that always seem to draw attention to themselves in the press there is a lot of money you can earn, although these star players do come at an expensive (but rewarding) cost.

Performance Buzz

If you feel (like many) the media buzz players are priced a little high for your liking then you can concentrate in more of a fantasy football philosophy by picking players that you think will shine on a given matchday. Football Index pays out on matchdays for Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 matches so on Friday nights when Girona are at home against Gimnastic (like they are this week) then a couple of goals for Christian Stuani (priced at only 0.28 per share) could see him top the list as the nights best performing striker and for a total cost of £14 for 50 shares you could earn an extra 2p to 5p per share in dividend pay-outs alone. This might not seem that exciting but for low risk a portfolio stocked of these sort of players could bring you a steady return.

In Play Performance

Another incentive for the first 30 days of your investment only is in play dividends where you get paid at any time on the day of a match for the shares you own in a player who scores a goal, makes an assist or keeps a clean sheet if they are defenders or goalkeepers. This can work if you notice a top side has a good run of home fixtures and they are likely not to concede or for their striker to have a greater chance of scoring goals, it can work well if you’ve missed out on betting on your favourite player to score a hat-trick as even after the game (up until midnight) you can invest in them and still be paid on the goals they scored that day (as long as you still own them after midnight). This makes betting on football fun, having a new portfolio of 50 or so players and if 10 or more score in a weekend you could be looking at huge returns.

The money is always there to be earned.

So what are the Pitfalls

All sounds very easy doesn’t it. But this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, you have to keep your money in Football Index to make money on Football Index, you must invest wisely, buying at the right time, selling at the right time, be mindful of the spread on players prices and be patient with your portfolio.

There is nothing better than unearthing a new footballing gem paying under £1 for them and seeing their stock rise by 400 or 500%

There is nothing better than seeing the player you own grab the days headlines and earn you what basically feels like free money that would otherwise be sitting in your bank.

There is nothing better than watching a player you own score a hat-trick in a man of the match performance thus earning you in play dividends, performance buzz dividends, media dividends and capital appreciation on the same day.

There is nothing better if you are a football fan who enjoys earning money to put your cash into trusting your knowledge and being proved good at knowing a lot about the sport you love.

So how do I get involved?

Click here and visit Football Index today and start small, learn the ropes and make a few mistakes but trust your judgement and if you back good players that have good careers you’ll make more than a good enough passive income from the money you invest.

You won’t get rich quick, but you will return 25% or higher per annum if you stick to the strategies mentioned and you plan your portfolio properly.

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