Danny Peacock May 2, 2019

After the depressing departure from Manchester United in December it seemed that Jose Mourinho had nowhere left to go. His style, outgrown by the likes of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City and his swagger outshone by the likes of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool… Moaninho was long becoming a grumpy spoilt brat who was no more getting his way… The United fans didn’t like his philosophy and the media didn’t like his antics.. It was always destined to fail eventually, and eventually it did.

New ventures on the horizon would have to exclude England. As the summer approaches and the silly season starts the managerial door might offer Mourinho a way back in? But where is key to how the future of the self-proclaimed once ‘Special One’ now looks?

Some said China? Or a lucrative offer in the Middle East to help Jose ‘get away’ from it all whilst earning a packet in the process, others said the time is now for national team management? But Jose feels that is an ‘older coaches’ job and he is not quite there yet.

With Zidane back at Real Madrid the only job for him in Spain is a no go… With Juventus dominating Italian football unless Allegri goes ditto.. A return to Portugal is far from inspiring… Bayern Munich may leave the door open? Paris St Germain too? But do they both demand attacking football? Do they both demand a new breed of manager and not one that has been there, done it, moaned about it, then brought it into disrepute? Would that not be an expensive gamble for either team as they look to replenish their in-house egos rather than aggravate them?

For Mourinho I would still believe his time with trophies is not over yet. I would still believe he could get one of the best jobs in football and I would still believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a current superpower that has been there done it and that now wants to do it in a different, modern but exciting and fresh way?

Mourinho needs a big club, one that likes winning, but one that has still unfinished business.

Enter Celtic, of the Scottish Football League… 10 titles in a row having dominated north of the border in recent years but in Europe have they failed to live up to the Lions of 67 and their colossal achievements in Lisbon? The perfect job for Mourinho perhaps? One where he can win the league whilst pitting his wits against the next generation of Coaches in Steven Gerrard, one where he can eventually warm his fans love with his hatred of the enemy, predictably to be pointed at the blue half of the Old Firm in Rangers. One where he can go one step beyond and take a side, unfancied by many for so long, to the deepest reaches of Europe’s elite? With money or without?

Should Mourinho get the Celtic job reaching dizzy Champions League heights could be the best achievement of his yet? This could be for Mourinho the beginning of a dynasty and one that supercharges Celtic to European success? Playing a defensive brand of football wouldn’t matter to hoops fans in Europe, they have carved results out previously this way… Whilst playing the Mourinho way should ensure success in Scotland regardless, after all they wouldn’t need to defend much domestically, but when up against it he would have his side without the egos of Pogba & alike from previous years working hard for each other and collectively the way Mourinho wants his teams to play. No player bigger than the team, working totally focussed on his ethics and high tactical demands.

The perfect fit perhaps? If the pipedream were to be reality then Mourinho may need to take a pay cut but if he’s wanting to be idolised still for doing something completely historical then doing it at Celtic would get him a bigger fan following than it would with any other club in world football.

If you think you are special Jose, try taking this current team to the European Cup Final and doing what the great Jock Stein and his men did all those years ago. Because repeating that feat in this day and age would be put on a pedestal as high as any trophy Jose Mourinho has won in his career so far.

One way perhaps of proving those wrong that your way is always and always will be best?

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